Pisa and its surroundings offer many opportunities to the tourist who, between a dip in the pool and a dinner at the restaurant, can try typical dishes, taste world-renowned wines, go around the Tuscan hills or simply spend a few hours by the sea. Here below we list some destinations, far one hour maximum from the camping, that you can easily visit in one day. Take your camera with you, you will see incredible things!


The Leaning Tower - 800 Mt
San Rossore Natural Reserve - 3 km
Sea - 12 km
Lucca - 20 Km
Livorno - 25 km
Spezia - 70 Km
Florence - 80 km
Siena - 100 Km
Arezzo - 150 Km
Rome - 320 Km


Here is a short itinerary to discover our beautiful city on foot, starting from the campsite: let’s go!

Only 10 minutes far from the campsite, from a gate of the Medieval walls that surround all the city centre, you will catch sight of one of the most renowned Italian squares: Piazza dei Miracoli. Everybody knows it because of the most famous Bell Tower, the Leaning Tower, but it also houses other places of interest like the Baptistery, the Monumental Cemetery and the Cathedral; they all are places of cultural, historic and religious interest and resplendent in their beauty. The Tower and all the monuments are open to the public everyday. 

The Medieval walls, also accessible via the square, are open and offer a perspective that will take your breath away! Following the walkway of the walls, it is possible to see a part of the historical centre from an unusual and exciting perspective!

For those who want to stay “grounded”, the tour starts again from Via Santa Maria, going through Piazza dei Cavalieri, which houses the prestigious Scuola Normale di Pisa. Among the alleyways of the historical centre, you get in one of the most romantic and suggestive places of Pisa: the Lungarni, where you can admire some buildings of interest like Palazzo Medici, Palazzo Blu, the National museum of San Matteo and the church Santa Maria della Spina. Don’t miss a walk at sunset! 

Walking through Corso Italia, a pedestrian area for shopping lovers, you arrive in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Here, on the external wall of the church Sant’Antonio Abate, you can enjoy the mural Tuttomondo, painted by Keith Haring in 1989. 

But Pisa is much more than this! For those who love nature, the town boasts the Orto Botanico, the Giardino Scotto and, only 3 km far from the campsite, the Natural Parc of San Rossore, a natural reserve extending until the sea. 

For those who love food, we suggest you try typical dishes such as “cecina”, “zuppa pisana”, “pappa al pomodoro” while drinking a good tuscan red wine

For those who love the sea, there are free beaches in Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia – easily reachable by bus, by car or by bike – or the renown Versilia, the favorite destination by VIP!


Art, culture, breathtaking views, great food and luxury shopping: this (and much more) is Florence!

It is possible to reach Florence in one hour by train from the railway station Pisa San Rossore, far 300mt from the campsite

The first stop is the Church of Santa Maria Novella, a few steps from.the namesake railway station, one of the most important and representative Gothic churches. Within a few minutes on foot you reach Piazza del Duomo, a true open-air museum. Here you find the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistery of Saint John, the Crypt of Santa Reparata and the Opera Duomo museum. From here the itinerary moves forward via Calzaiuoli, famous for the most exclusive shops of all brands, until Piazza della Signoria, where you can admire a copy of Michelangelo’s David (the original one is in the Galleria dell’Accademia). For those who love museums, a few steps of distance there’s the famous Galleria degli Uffizi; to avoid waiting in a long line, we suggest you to buy online tickets. Now all you have left to do is crossing Ponte Vecchio, the symbol of the city, from where you can admire the beautiful Lungarni of Florence. For a panoramic view over the city, you can also reach in a few minutes the well-known Piazzale Michelangelo.

Finally don’t forget to taste the local dishes which boast delicious food, first of all the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina! If you love street food, don’t miss the so-called Panino col lampredotto or trippa!


Among the Tuscan beauties, Lucca is a must-see. It is possible to reach Lucca in 20 minutes by car or also by train from the railway station Pisa San Rossore, far 300 mt from the campsite. 

When you arrive, look up at the impressive Medieval walls surrounding the city. These walls, once built as a protection for the city, are today a wonderful pedestrian boulevard, from which you can admire the hidden spots of Lucca.

As you cross the walls into the city, you enter the heart of the town, also known as the “city of one hundred churches” for the large number of religious buildings, firstly the Cathedral of St. Martin. 

In the Middle Ages in Lucca there were 250 towers but today it remains only two of them: the Guinigi Tower, with a tree garden on the rooftop, and the Clock Tower, house of a clock with an open mechanism. 

For those who love shopping, we suggest walking along via Fillungo, the headquarters of the most important and prestigious stores. You can’t miss Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, the centre of town life where you can find bars, small shops, restaurants and the weekly market. 

Lucca is also home to several events.  One of them is the Lucca Summer Festival, that is summer concerts by internationally renowned artists. Between October and November, there is the Lucca Comics & Games, the most important international exhibition dedicated to comics in Italy and in Europe; in this period the city becomes a sort of cartoon-land. During these events, there are extra trains from Pisa to easily reach the manifestations.


If you want to spend a day surrounded by nature and sea, all you have to do is reach the Cinque Terre National park, an authentic earthly paradise. Cinque terre are a group of five hamlets overlooking the Ligurian coastline; you can reach them in one hour by train from the railway station Pisa San Rossore, far 300 mt from the campsite. 

The “Cinque Terre express” railway line will then allow you to move quickly between the various hamlets. Alternatively, you can choose the boat: the view from the sea won’t disappoint you! 

The tour starts from Manarola and its typical tower-houses of the Genoese style. The village, bathed by a crystal-clear sea, climbs up the hills covered in vineyards and olive groves. From here you reach Riomaggiore, along the footpath “Lovers’ lane”: it will take your breath away! Riomaggiore is the gem of the Cinque Terre; everybody keeps in mind its houses painted with typical Ligurian colours. Corniglia is a few minutes by train and it’s the only hamlet not overlooking the sea; it rises on top of a rock promontory covered in vineyards. Because of its particular position, Corniglia is the preferred destination by trekking-lovers. Vernazza is the fourth village heading north; thanks to its amphitheatre-shaped natural harbour, it’s the most photographed village of the Cinque Terre. Finally, Monterosso al Mare, the biggest hamlet with lots of beaches. The area of the old harbour is characterized by”caruggi”, typical narrow Ligurian streets where you can find wine bars, restaurants, focaccia shops or ice-cream parlours. 

The panorama of the Cinque Terre will leave you breathless: it’s no coincidence that they are recognized by the Unesco Mankind’s World Heritage!


The hamlet of Volterra is 60 km from Pisa and you can reach it by car, passing through the typical Tuscanian hills and villages

The city rises on a hill and it is completely surrounded by Medieval walls: they will amaze you, The first stop is Piazza dei Priori, certainly one of the most beautiful medieval squares of Italy. Here stands Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest municipal Palace in Tuscany. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you can go up the stairs leading to the Bell tower and, once here, enjoy the panorama of the Tuscanian hills and valleys surrounding Volterra. From Palazzo dei Priori you can reach Piazza San Giovanni where you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Baptistery. From Piazza dei Priori and Piazza Duomo, the most fascinating alleys of Volterra reveal the hidden beauties of the city.

If you want to relax, we suggest you go to the archaeological park “Enrico Fiumi”, the main city park where local people and tourists give themselves a break. Here are located the Etruscan Acropolis and the Roman bath. 

Every year, on the second and third Sunday in August, Volterra performs the famous event “Volterra A.D. 1398” . The Medieval town goes back to the year 1398 with shows, events, markets, craftsmen, musicians, jugglers, peasants and noblemen: a unique occasion to dive into the magic atmosphere of the Middle Ages.


The beautiful town of San Gimignano is far 75 km from the campsite. The panorama along the road is characterized by vineyardsolive groves, typical hills and valleys of the Tuscanian landscape

The town, also known as the Manhattan of Middle Ages for its 74 towers, has been recognized by the Unesco Mankind’s World Heritage. The two main squares are Piazza Duomo and Piazza della Cisterna. Piazza Duomo was the heart of San Gimignano, as it was the centre of political and religious life in the Middle Ages. The two cornerstones were Palazzo del Podestà, that today houses the Civic museum, and the Duomo, also known as Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta. On the contrary Piazza della Cisterna is enclosed by noble houses and Medieval towers and gets its name from the water cistern built at the centre of the site in 1273. One of the most evocative buildings that overlook the square is the Devil’s Tower: according to legend, it seems that this tower is the work of the devil himself!

For those who love museums and good wine, there’s the Vernaccia Wine Museum, a few steps from the city centre; here you can enjoy an itinerary made of history, flavours and traditions of this area. This white wine has obtained the Appellation of Origin and it was particularly appreciated by Dante, Boccaccio, Ludovico il Moro and Lorenzo il Magnifico. If you want to try it or buy some bottles, it is possible to plan wine tastings and tours organized in the local vineyards.


Camping Village Torre Pendente is the perfect point of reference if you’re going to or coming back from the port of Livorno: thanks to the night porter it is possible to leave early in the morning or check-in late in the evening. How far is the campsite from the port? Only 20 minutes! 

From the port of Livorno ferries reach the main islands: Sardinia (Golfo Aranci and Olbia), Corsica (Bastia), Sicily (Palermo), as well as the smaller Tuscanian islands like Capraia and Gorgona.  

However Livorno is not only a port: it is worth visiting this city to discover all its sense of humour, its excellent cooking and its particular landscape. 

The tour starts from Piazza della Repubblica, one of the biggest in the town, a place where local people are used to meeting. What’s the feature of this square? It’s a bridge! The square, in fact, rises over the Fosso Reale. The so-called “Fossi”, that is to say canals, are the characteristic of the town; it is possible to visit them with a boat-trip starting from the port until the heart of Livorno.

People from Livorno love the sea and their city could not miss a place to admire the sea. If you share this philosophy of life too, we suggest reaching Terrazza Mascagni, a terrace with a great sea view and with enough space for concerts, walks and outdoor fun. 

A city on the sea stands out for fish recipes. Here you can’t miss the famous “cacciucco”, a soup of different fishes. It’s a real delight to taste followed by… a glass of “ponce alla livornese”!

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